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Connecting At-Risk Youth to Services

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Strappd - Connecting At-Risk Youth to Services

STRAPPD is a mobile app that helps Youth connect to services where they can find Food, Shelter, Health, Resources and Work. Users can switch from List View to Map View and can filter services that are just open from the side menu. Users can click on any service to get details like contact info, transit directions and schedule for that service.

Flag button on Home Screen will help you connect to an App Admin or Service Provider for that resource. Users can click on Kudos button to show appreciation for the services they like. If you want to mark any service for future reference, click on the star icon in service detail page to add them to My Favorites. Some Cities have Coordinated entry that helps people experiencing housing crisis get connected to housing and assistance based on their strengths and needs. So, we request you to contact the services before going there.

If you are doing community service and interested in listing your service, you can add/manage a service by signing up in the app. You can also update the number of beds available for shelters that you manage. All details entered by the service providers will be reviewed by us before getting published in the app. If you have any questions please contact us using Feedback at the bottom of this page.


Strappd - Connecting At-Risk Youth to Services


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App is available on all 3 platforms (Web, Google Play Store & Apple App Store)


Unique Design

App has simple design with List and Map View to find & connect to services easily.


Connect Quickly

Users can connect to registered service providers using the app.


Easy Settings

Users can narrow their search by choosing options from the Filter menu.



App lists various Hotline numbers which can help you with Emotional Support.


My Favorites

Users can add services they like to My Favorites for future reference.




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Strappd - Connecting At-Risk Youth to Services

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Strappd - Connecting At-Risk Youth to Services

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STRAPPD connects at-risk youth to services like Youth Drop-in Centers, Homeless & Run Away Youth Shelters, LGBT Advocacy and Support Groups, & more resources.